BBC apologises for child sex confession in show

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The BBC has written to a Labour MP to apologise for broadcasting the confession of a man who claimed to be a paedophile on the Kilroy Show, after the MP put down an early day motion criticising the corporation.

The BBC admitted to Bill Rammell, MP for Harlow, that the inclusion of the confession in the programme was "inappropriate". The Corporation has up until now been defending the programme.

On Tuesday, Robert Kilroy Silk (pictured), host of the programme said that he was fully confident the interview had been properly conducted and that it was fully within the remit of the BBC to inform and entertain.

But BBC now says it is "not satisfied that procedures were fully adhered to". The BBC is now having talks with Kilroy Television, maker of the show, to stop it happening again. The police were called to the studios last week and arrested a man who was later released.