Beatles' magic is on offer at pounds 1m rock sale

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Paul McCartney's bedroom door from his childhood council house home is expected to fetch as much as pounds 3,000 at an auction next month.

The former Beatle moved to the terraced house at 20 Forthlin Road, Allerton, Liverpool, with his parents when he was 13 in 1955 and spent the rest of his youth there.

The door was recently removed by Sheila Jones during re-decoration at the house where she has lived with her family since 1963.

It is being sold in London on 14 September at what Sotheby's believes will be the most valuable rock and pop memorabilia auction ever held in Britain.

Also included in the pounds 1m-plus sale is the stunning, 5ft by 2ft original artwork which covered the rear door of the bus in the Beatles' film Magical Mystery Tour. It is expected to fetch as much as pounds 12,000.

The original, slightly creased manuscript for McCartney's song "Getting Better", which featured on the 1967 album Sergeant Pepper, has a pre-sale estimate of up to pounds 48,000.

Elton John's vast collection of cassettes is being sold to benefit his Aids charity. The sale of the 5,800 tapes of Seventies and Eighties music is expected to raise up to pounds 18,000 for the Elton John Aids Foundation.

Other highlights include Jimi Hendrix's Gibson "Flying V" guitar (estimated at up to pounds 85,000) and Elvis Presley's bathrobe (pounds 2,200).