Bill in Ballybunion ... and in deep trouble

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PRESIDENT Bill Clinton, pictured above at the Ballybunion course with Christie O'Connor (left), the veteran golfer, flew home from Ireland last night to fight for his political life, write David Usborne in New York and Alan Murdoch in Limerick.

The report compiled by special prosecutor Kenneth Starr on the Monica Lewinsky affair is now almost complete. Sources say it contains allegations so serious they could compel Congress to initiate impeachment proceedings. Rumours suggested Mr Starr will detail at least six different sex acts engaged in by the President and Ms Lewinsky, and will also allege criminal conduct ranging from perjury by the President to abuse of power.

After visits to Russia and Ireland were marred by media questions about Ms Lewinsky, Mr Clinton returns to a White House in panic. There was one glint of relief, however: revelations yesterday that one of the President's leading critics on Capitol Hill, the Republican Congressman Dan Burton, fathered a love-child in an adulterous affair in the early 1980s.

Mr Clinton is expected this week to make one more attempt at voicing contrition for his relationship with Ms Lewinsky.

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