Birthday knickers reveal all

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A ROMANIAN man thought he'd done the right thing over the New Year holiday when he gave his wife lacy black underwear for her 35th birthday.

But his wife, identified only as Victoria in the Romanian newspaper publishing the story, became suspicious when she discovered the gift was three sizes too small. Then, at her birthday party, Victoria overheard another woman saying she had received, as a gift from her lover, underwear that was three sizes too big.

Victoria's husband told her the shop had packed the wrong size of knickers for him but, unsatisfied, she visited the boutique in their home town of Galati, 125km north-east of Bucharest, where a salesman told her a man had bought two sets of lacy underwear.

On Monday, Victoria went to see her husband's lover and proposed that they swapped the underwear, which they did. Then she went to court and filed for divorce. (AP)