Blair urged to appoint minister for youth

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Tony Blair should appoint a youth minister if he is to safeguard Labour's political future, says the authors of Britain's biggest ever youth survey, 2020 Vision.

The call is said to be top of young Britain's wish list, according to the Industrial Society who canvassed the views of 10,000 people aged from 12 to 25. Jo Gardiner, director of the research, said: "Generally, young people are not keen on politicians. However the majority we talked to said they wanted someone with political power to represent their views to government because this is still the only way to change things for the better."

The Industrial Society's 12-point plan asks for a minister with cross- departmental responsibility, whose sole task would be to examine policy and estimate its impact on the young.

When in opposition, Labour gave Mo Mowlam responsibility for youth - coupled with her Northern Ireland shadow. But since the election the brief has slipped out of government.