Bosnia factions tell their forces to stop fighting

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MUSLIM, Serb and Croat leaders ordered their forces to stop hostilities in Bosnia amid reports that new peace proposals have been tabled on the third day of talks in Geneva. The US is reportedly considering using air power to lift the siege of Sarajevo.

The Independent has received about 2,000 letters from readers supporting its proposal to relieve the capital by force if necessary. We print two below and a selection on page 8.

Dear Sir

May I offer my thanks and congratulations for your efforts to mobilise public opinion on Bosnia. To judge from the letters you printed on Tuesday 27 July, the British public believes that the situation requires urgent and decisive action. We in Jordan feel at one with your readers in this, and in their empathy with the embattled people of Bosnia. Jordan's substantial refugee population - the result of decades of conflict in the Middle East - has recently been swelled by a number of Bosnians. These innocent victims of conflict are a constant reminder of the human cost of an avoidable and unbalanced war. It is heartening that a newspaper such as the Independent can find the courage to identify these issues, and the focus to act as a positive catalyst.


Crown Prince of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Dear Sir

Overwhelmed by a welter of words describing endless disasters, stalled talks, and abandoned plans for peace, we might be tempted to wash our hands, look the other way. What is so different about Sarajevo? Can we listen to the call of the head of the Bosnian Islamic community who recently appealed to Muslim imams, Christian clergy, Jewish rabbis and Buddhist monks throughout the world to help 'open up a path to Sarajevo' which he movingly described as a 'city of mosques, cathedrals, churches and synagogues, in which an oath is sworn of fidelity to one and the same God'. Now the Independent offers a practical policy for saving Sarajevo 'without which there is no Bosnia'. I earnestly support the proposals put forward in your issue of Monday 26 July.


Brentwood, Essex

Messages should be 60-100 words long. You may use two fax lines (071-415 1371 and 071-956 1739) or send letters to 40 City Road, London EC1 2DB, marking the envelope SARAJEVO.

Saving Sarajevo, pages 8, 9