Bradford police 'moved'

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Two police officers, blamed by Asian community leaders in Bradford for an alleged assault on a young mother and baby, which sparked the city's two days of rioting, were last night "moved to other duties" by West Yorkshire police, writes James Cusick.

The first sign of police appeasement of demands from the Asian community for their suspension will be viewed as a political decision to ease ethnic tensions. But Assistant Chief Constable Lloyd Clarke, who announced the decision, said that the re-deployment was "not a suspension".

West Yorkshire Constabulary also said that the Police Complaints Authority would hold an inquiry into the two days of street rioting and looting, now estimated to have caused pounds 1m worth of damage.

A full independent investigation is still being demanded by Asian community representatives. However, the involvement of the PCA will be seen as a concession. A total of 300 officers were deployed over the weekend to deal with an estimated 700 Asian youths who took to the streets in the Manningham area of Bradford.

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