Bridgewater Four: `Judgement Day'

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The four men wrongly accused of the Carl Bridgewater murder will be the subject of a revealing BBC documentary tomorrow, it was announced yesterday.

Judgement Day, at 9.30pm on BBC2, will coincide with the Appeal Court's ruling on the convictions of Jimmy Robinson, Vincent and Michael Hickey and the late Patrick Molloy - the Bridgewater Four, who were jailed in 1979 for the killing of the 13-year-old paperboy after he disturbed a burglary. Earlier this year they were granted their freedom after evidence emerged that police had falsified a confession "made" by Vincent Hickey. Jim Nichol, the men's solicitor who worked for 11 years on the case and who remortgaged his home to meet costs, will also be featured, along with Michael Mansfield QC. The programme will receive its final editing tomorrow, after the full extent of the ruling is known.