Bridgewater Three man enters clinic

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Kate Watson-Smyth

One of the Bridgewater Three has been admitted to a secure clinic to receive treatment for "psychiatric problems", it emerged last night.

Michael Hickey, 35, was admitted to Reaside Clinic, Rubery, Birmingham, on Sunday after police were called to an address outside the city where they found him shouting and screaming. He was taken to the 100-patient centre after a meeting between his family and health workers, according to a source at the clinic.

The source said: "I understand his family decided after meeting with health workers that it was in his best interests that he reside at the clinic to help him with his psychiatric problems. Every patient here receives individual treatment depending on their condition. I understand the decision for him to be admitted was made with his interests at heart."

Mr Hickey's mother, Ann Whelan, was unavailable for comment at her home in Redditch.

The Bridgewater Three - Michael Hickey, Vincent Hickey and James Robinson - had their convictions for the murder of the 13-year-old paperboy Carl Bridgewater quashed last month.

The manslaughter conviction against Patrick Molloy, who died in prison in 1981 protesting his innocence, was reversed posthumously.