British oil worker murdered in Nigeria

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A BRITISH oil worker has been murdered by a gang of armed robbers in Nigeria, the Foreign Office said last night.

Richard Lintott, 51, from Great Hatfield, near Hornsea, East Yorkshire, died of a blood clot in a hospital in Lagos on Sunday, six days after being shot. Four robbers in a stolen car ambushed Mr Lintott's vehicle on 9 August.

His family was informed of the shooting two days later. They were told his condition was not serious and it would be possible for him to fly home on Friday. Mr Lintott's wife Gill said: "I spoke to him by phone on Saturday night, but I knew he wasn't well. Then, on Sunday morning, the police came round to tell me he had died.

"It's just so hard to believe because he would never do anything to hurt anyone."