British soldiers in Sarajevo nightclub row

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The Nato-led peace force said yesterday it was investigating allegations that two British soldiers refused entry to a Sarajevo nightclub, threatened a police officer with a gun and stamped on a Bosnian flag.

A Western diplomat said the two British soldiers were making the rounds of Sarajevo night spots after arriving from their headquarters in Banja Luka in north-western Bosnia. He said they were refused entrance to the Senator night club early on Tuesday morning because they had been drinking, and they were carrying weapons. The soldiers pulled down a Bosnian flag, stamped on it, and one of them pointed a gun at a local police officer..

The soldiers were picked up by Italian soldiers and put in custody of military police.

1 Bosnian Croat authorities banned a race in the half of Mostar they control. Scheduled to celebrate the Day of Statehood of Bosnia, a country hardliners do not recognise, the race was to run from the eastern Muslim- dominated part of the divided town to the Croat-controlled western part.