Briton 'killed and then went to dinner'

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A Briton accused of murdering a tourist and chopping up his body spent the evening after the killing dining on filet steak and a glass of wine, Singapore's High Court heard yesterday.

The following day John Martin Scripps, 35, is alleged to have bought a ticket for a concert by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. It is also claimed that he went on a shopping spree, buying a video recorder and some sportswear. All the purchases were made with the credit card of Gerard George Lowe, 32, a South African.

Mr Scripps, who is also known as John Martin, admits killing Mr Lowe, but says he did so unintentionally following what he thought to be a homosexual assault. He also claims that he went on a drinking and drug binge while a "British friend" disposed of the body.

However, the prosecutor, Jennifer Marie, yesterday presented a bill that placed Mr Scripps in the hotel coffee shop on the night of the killing. He denied that the signature, in the name of one of his aliases, was his. But a handwriting expert testified that it was. The prosecution also showed the court a copy of a concert programme found in his baggage at the time of his arrest.

The trial continues today.