Britons sign up in support of Bosnians

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British people are being invited to register their horror at the atrocities of the Bosnian crisis in an open letter to victims of ethnic cleansing.

More than 2,000 dignitaries have signed the open letter of the Sarajevo Charter since its launch on 20 July.

And their call for more humanitarian action against ethnic cleansing will be published in national newspapers on 5 August to register public dissatisfaction with what is happening in the former Yugoslavia.

Michael Foot, Maureen Lipman, Rabbi Hugo Gryn, and Saba Risaluddin, president of the World Conference on Religion and Peace, are among those calling for the United Nations to take urgent action to protect the lives, communities and territories of all people in the former Yugoslavia. The open letter calls for food and relief for victims of the conflict, and asks for asylum for refugees whose lives are in danger.

John Schlapobersky, organiser of the charter, hopes that signatories will donate money to the organisation, and he has also called upon individuals and organisations to speak out about the conflict.

He said the charter was an act of dissociation from complicity: "When the Holocaust of the Second World War took place, we said that we had no idea what had been happening, so there was nothing that we could have done," he said. "Now that the atrocities are there on our television sets for us all to witness, we have to ask ourselves what we are doing when we just sit back in our armchairs."

For further information, contact the Sarajevo Charter on 0181 349 4731 or 346 2288.