Bullies blamed for girl's death

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A 13-year-old girl took an overdose of pills out of desperation at the bullies who were hounding her, her family claimed yesterday. Kelly Yeomans, of Allenton, Derby, died just days after thugs pelted her family home with eggs and butter for two nights running.

The teenager was found dead by her father yesterday morning when he went to wake her to go to the school she dreaded. Ivan Yeomans, 45, blamed youths aged 13 to 16 for making his daughter's life a misery.

Kelly's sister Sarah, 16, said Kelly had threatened to take an overdose if the tormenting did not stop. "She said she had had enough of it and that she was going to take an overdose. She made it clear and we tried to hide the pills from her."

Police said yesterday that they would be interviewing local youths in relation to "possible harassment" of the family.