Bullying bosses shamed on TV

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BAD BOSSES who bully and sexually harass staff will be "named and shamed" in a TV programme tonight.

Granada said it will reveal the "callous" ways one human being in authority can treat another. In Britain's Unbearable Bosses, a company is revealed secretly filming staff undressing, while in another a manager is shown repeatedly sexually harassing a woman worker. In another case staff were made to wear a dunce's hat if they had not made enough sales.

The programme was sparked off by calls to the TUC's bad bosses hotline last December. It received over 5,000 calls.

John Monks, the TUC General Secretary, said: "So much of the worst workplace abuses go on behind closed doors and when so many of those exploited are forced to work in a climate of fear." The TUC is running a week-long campaign against bullying in October. t Britain's Unbearable Bosses, ITV tonight at 10.40pm.