Burglary suspect taken prisoner

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A burglary victim kidnapped the man he suspected of ransacking his home and left him strung up by his wrists in an outbuilding, police said yesterday.

The man - who had pounds 4,000 worth of goods stolen in the raid on his home near Ludlow, Shropshire - then telephoned police and reported what he had done, giving them directions to where the suspected burglar was hanging.

Officers sent to the scene - an outbuilding of the burglary victim's house - found the 29-year-old alleged burglar hanging by his wrists from an engine hoist, with his feet barely touching the ground, at 6am yesterday. He was treated for facial, wrist and arm injuries.

Sergeant Tony Mantle, of Shropshire police, said the 40-year-old burglary victim had tracked down his suspect in Ludlow and took him back to his house near Clee Hill, where the burglary had taken place.

He said: "The older gentleman appears to have exercised his own version of the law.

"More than pounds 4,000 of property had been taken during the raid. The older man thought he knew who the burglar was and tracked him down," Sgt Mantle said.

"The younger man was taken and detained against his will. He was assaulted against his will.

"He was then assaulted and tied up with rope and various bits and pieces and suspended from the engine hoist in the outbuilding.

"The man had tied him up by his wrists and pulled the rope over the hoist to suspend him above the floor in a Western-style position.

"After the attack the older man telephoned the police to let them know he had got the other man.

"He told police he had caught a burglary suspect. When they arrived at the house they found the man tied up."

The attack victim suffered facial, arm and wrist injuries during the incident and was treated by a doctor at Ludlow police station.

Both men were placed under arrest and were last night helping police with inquiries.