Burnt bodies found in new horror

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HORRIFIC NEW evidence of Serbian massacres in Kosovo emerged yesterday after Dutch K-For peace keepers discovered the remains of at least 20 people shot dead in a barn in the village of Velika Krusa, near Prizren.

The Dutch soldiers found the site in south-west Kosovo after a tip-off from KLA fighters who have already pointed the peacekeepers to two more houses on the road between Prizren and Orahovac, which they say contain many more bodies, including old men and children.

A Dutch military spokesman said the victims at Velika Krusa were probably shot before the bodies were burned and dumped in the barn. He said the war crimes tribunal in the Hague had been informed of the discovery.

At Korenica, 45 miles south-west of Pristina, near the city of Pec, villagers led Italian peacekeepers to three mass graves in a Muslim graveyard which they said contained 60 to 70 victims.

They also showed a burned house where the charred corpses of five men lay on a collapsing top floor. The villagers said their relatives and neighbours were massacred on 27 April as a reprisal for an earlier KLA ambush of Serb police.

On Monday, British peacekeepers at Kacanik, southern Kosovo, found a mass grave thought to contain 81 bodies.

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