Business Diary: Bloomberg loses star columnist

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Deloitte gets set for Olympics

The European Commission's determination to break the "Big Four" accountants' stranglehold on the sector clearly hasn't spooked the folk at Deloitte. The Sun reveals the accountancy firm has booked all 50 rooms at the Haymarket Hotel in central London for the duration of next summer's Olympics. That's three weeks. It's good planning, says the accountant, which is doing rather nicely, thank you, what with all these administrations to handle in the downturn.

Testing Ed's good company test

Still on the Olympics, we've got an early test for Ed Miliband. The Labour leader told his party conference on Tuesday that he wants the Government to treat good and bad companies differently. That triggered a certain amount of sniping in the business community. Well, let's see what Ed thinks about the company which will today announce a new project to create 1,000 jobs in east London as part of the Olympic legacy. Very good, surely? And which company is it? Step forward BP, polluters in chief of the Gulf of Mexico. Very bad. Give us your verdict, Ed. Are they saints or sinners?

Spicing up your morning telly

Shocking news from the world of daytime television. We hear advertising regulators have given an outfit called Lovehoney permission to go ahead with a campaign selling sex toys, in what will be the first time this sort of spot has ever been seen on daytime TV. We say "seen", but the ads are due to air during The Real Housewives of New York City, which apparently goes out at 10.15am on ITV2, so it's unlikely that vast numbers of viewers are at risk of being corrupted.