<preform>Games: Commandos 2 <br> Fila World Tour Tennis <br> Speedball 2 <br> Lilo &amp; Stitch: Trouble in Paradise</preform>

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1 Commandos 2 ****

1 Commandos 2 ****

PlayStation 2 Commandos 2, the superb wartime strategy title, is attempting the risky transition from PC to console territory. As before, the game challenges players to eliminate a Nazi threat by guiding a team of army personnel to victory in an array of covert missions. Beautifully animated and very demanding, Commandos 2 is flawed only by its slightly baffling control system.

Eidos, out now, £39.99

2 Fila World Tour Tennis ****

Xbox Although the Xbox has yet to boast an impressive sports title, Fila World Tour Tennis is a step in the right direction. Unlike other games, FWTT eschews star worship in favour of strong graphics and gameplay. Its simple style and pleasing aesthetics make it very easy to get to grips with, while the multiple modes of play provide ample playability.

THQ, out now, £39.99

3 Speedball 2 *****

Game Boy Advance Based on a cult PC title from yesteryear, Speedball 2 brings this brutal, futuristic sport back to life in hand-held form. The game is a violent adaptation of handball, in which crashing blows are planted into the midst of a rather simple game – the aim of which is to throw a ball into a goal. Fast, furious and above all fun, Speedball 2 is simply irresistible.

Wanadoo, out now, £24.99

4 Lilo & Stitch: Trouble in Paradise ***

PlayStation 1 Based on Disney's new film, Lilo & Stitch: Trouble in Paradise gives young gamers a chance to take control of the eponymous duo as they attempt to evade a band of evil, alien bounty hunters. With 12 Hawaiian environments, this third-person game just about makes up in flair and charm for what it lacks in ambition.

Disney Interactive, out now, £29.99