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Eighteen Wheeler&#009
PlayStation 2
Sega's earth-shaking arcade racing title, 18 Wheeler, is the latest obscure driving game to hit Sony's PS2. Players jump into the hot-seat of monstrous HGVs and make deliveries, practise precision parking and complete mini-objectives, all against the clock. Despite its impressive aesthetics and radical theme, this is one of the slowest and least exciting racing games ever. (Acclaim/Sega, out now, £39.99)

Cricket 2002&#009
PlayStation 2
Capping off a successful renovation of their sports series, EA proudly unveil their new and improved cricket title. Featuring a whole host of match modes, such as one-day, test-match, tournament or even classic, true-to-life team rosters, a simple and comprehensive control system, as well as realistic animations, this is arguably the best cricket title on the market. (EA Sports, out now, £39.99)

Scan Command&#009
Continuing with their "learning can be fun" vision, Knowledge Adventure's new release allows kids to nurture their own pet dinosaur in a truly innovative fashion – players can find "super powers" for their creature by scanning everyday barcodes. Unfortunately, its simple and monotonous gameplay will not have youngsters coming back for more. (Knowledge Adventure, out now, £19.99)

Having exhausted their stay on the PC, those cute and cuddly Creatures are taking up new residence on the PlayStation. The goal of the game is to raise an alien "Norn" from newborn to adult, developing its skills and completing tasks along the way. Although there is little to distinguish this version to those that came before it, this game's style has a timeless appeal. (Swing Entertainment, out now, £29.99)