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Stunt GP
PlayStation 2

Stunt GP is a crash course in radio-controlled car driving, with "crash" being the operative word. Players take control of nippy cars in a variety of events ranging from stunt challenges to time-trials, arcade and championship, with hidden tracks, vechicles and parts as the reward for success. But despite its novel approach, Stunt GP is a pretty tame effort. (Virgin Interactive, out now, £39.99)

Resident Evil Survivor 2
PlayStation 2
This is Capcom's attempt to rival 007 and Time Crisis by entering the unfamiliar territory of the first-person shooter. Gamers are free to roam the five epic levels and blast away at hideous monsters as they jump out from all angles. As with all games, this is not without its flaws, but the taxing, spine-tingling gameplay and superb graphics are a joy to behold. (Capcom, out now, £44.99)

Jimmy White's Cueball
The second instalment of the Jimmy White series is yet another stylish combination of cue-sports simulation and mini-game madness. Along with the standard pool and snooker matches, it offers a wide variety of alternative options such as darts, stunt-tables and even thumb wars. With great graphics and diverse gameplay, Jimmy White's Cueball World is a winner. (Virgin Interactive, out now, £29.99)

Megaman X6
With the Earth in ruins, evil Mechanoids and Reploids running riot, and Zero M.I.A., the qorld's prayers rest on the shoulders of X to save the day. Megaman X6 offers all the button-hammering, reflex-testing madness of a classic 2D platform game. Aside from its unimpressive graphics, it has a timeless appeal thanks to a random level generator. No two games are the same. (Capcom, out now, £29.99)