Spotlight on: Will Adderley, deputy executive chairman of Dunelm

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Hasn't he won the Lottery?

Not exactly, but he is flush. Will Adderley, the deputy executive chairman of Dunelm, and his wife, Nadine Adderley, sold 7.5m of their shares in the soft furnishings retailer yesterday, netting them a combined £36m.

The boy's done good, then?

And his family too. Will, the chief executive of Dunelm until February 2011, is the son of Bill and Jean Adderley. His parents founded the company in 1969 from a market stall in Leicester.

Sounds familiar...

Indeed, their original market stall was located next to one that was run by the parents of the ex-England footballer Gary Lineker.

Who's wealthier?

While the TV football pundit is a multi-millionaire, the net worth of the Adderleys easily outstrips that of the Linekers. Despite the share placing, the Adderley family still owns 111.1m shares in Dunelm, or 54.9 per cent the company's equity.

What's that worth?

Based on yesterday's placing price, this values the family's shares at £533.3m.


I'll say, but this is the first time that Mr Adderley has sold shares in Dunelm, which floated at 172p in October 2006.

A rare retailer doing well?

Yep. Despite the tough housing market, Dunelm grew its pre-tax profits by 7.8 per cent to £52.2m for the half-year to 31 December.

Is he going to stick around?

The company says he is "fully committed" to his role.

What's he like?

It's hard to tell, as Mr Adderley has never embraced public life. After a hard day's work, he apparently likes to spend time with his wife and three kids.

Anything else about him?

Nothing earth-shattering but he also likes to relax by reading.

Sat on Dunelm cushions?

Not sure about that. Will and Nadine could now afford to spruce up their house with luxury homewares after the share sale, if they haven't already.