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Railtrack's old timetable site is reborn as an all-in travel portal, with online booking, printable itineraries and sightseeing tips. Hotel reservations, flights and theatre tickets are, or will be, available from partner links, and there are relaxation techniques so that commuters can "board the de-stress express from platform Zen". Register now for that personalised booking experience.


People wanting to volunteer for a good cause, but unsure which one can register here to match their skills to an appropriate organisation or project. Those unable to wrench themselves away from the monitor have no excuse, either: "Virtual Timegiving" suggests ways of volunteering without leaving the home office, such as researching, legislation tracking, entering data, translation services and Web design.


A potentially fascinating real-time survey of the world of webloggers – online diarists who upload daily details of their surfing and other activities. At time of writing, most popular URLs among the bloggers were a Salon article about teenage webcam girls and an account of an unusual transplant operation on the Pravda site. But the survey plans to go beyond link-counting, to analyse the texts themselves and identify common obsessions. An "instantaneous overview of internet trends" is promised.

CN Movies

This new film resource claims to rival the mighty IMDb, but is really an updated online version of established reference books by Leslie Halliwell and Alan Goble. The result is accurate and comprehensive, but has nothing like IMDb's review coverage or sense of community. Portal and ISP Copperknob links it to its other film entertainment pages for current releases andvintage movies.

Planet of the Apes

State-of-the-art monkey business at this official site. Visitors can custom-edit their own mini-movie to send as an e-postcard. There's also a geocaching competition, tracking down ape artefacts. A truly worldwide site, with Korean, Japanese and Russian versions.

Re-Versed Lyrics

"Hey! Hey! We're Not Monkeys," goes the counter-evolutionary take on the hit song, at this site where pop is retunedto fundamentalist Christian beliefs. Other theologically sound chart-toppers include "Smells Like Holy Spirit" and "Addicted to God".

Interview with God

Hailed by some as a devotional version of Mahir and All Your Base are Belong to Us, this anonymous inspirational text, in which the Creator comments on the follies of humankind, has been set to a Flash slideshow of evocative landscapes by a webmistress at the University of Alabama. The site claims millions of hits, a merchandising page and other evidence of a cult in the making.

WorstCaseScenarios. com

This is the online edition of a bestselling survival handbook. Land a plane, fend off sharks, wrestle an alligator or perform a razor-blade tracheotomy with the aid of this gung-ho manual. Visitors may suggest further scenarios; the small print disclaims all responsibility.

Creative timekeeping at this useful site, where each of the 1,440 minutes making up a day is represented by a person holding up his arms to imitate a clock (analogue version) or displaying cardboard signs or variations thereon (digital version). There's also a text version with ASCII doodles. Submit photos now, for any time except for the oversubscribed 11:11 and the notorious 4:20.