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Well, Ronald Reagan did it, and polls have indicated that the only person who could beat Arnold Schwarzenegger to the White House (apart from the fact that, being Austrian, he couldn't stand) would be Clint Eastwood. That said, John Cusack might give them all a run for their money. As this website says, "He made the tough decisions in Grosse Pointe Blank. He couldn't be bought in Eight Men Out. He's cooler than John Malkovich. And we like his politics so far."

Should you want to find out why we celebrate St Valentine's Day, or some of the stories associated with it, try this site. If it's gifts for a loved one that you're after, you could do worse than visit and, who always have a number of romantic getaways. For flowers try and, but if you're feeling fruity, it has to be

The simple aim of this site is to debunk organic food's historically frumpy and snooty image. Apparently, 75 percent of all households bought something organic in 2001, and this figure is set to rise in the face of GM food controversy. It seeks to provide a friendly and informal tone (with punter participation), a good mix of learning pages and trivia and fun ­ play Curse the Crows, download the carrot screensaver and let's not forget the Psychic Carrot. Go, you crazy organic foodophiles!

The famous journal of strange phenomena has been online for some time, but this well-designed and highly regarded site is just as readable as its printed counterpart. In fact, it offers better value in many ways because of all the regularly updated stories and archived pages covering strange, unexplained, supernatural and weird events reported from around the world.

From the sublime, to the ridiculous. The planet is being struck regularly by alien debris ­ it's happening all the time, apparently ­ but it's not clear whether the objects falling to earth are discarded alien junk or loose components falling from their spaceships. It's hard to believe that any species capable of navigating squillions of light years would do so in a rickety craft ­ so that leaves us where? David Shoemaker thinks he has the answer to the puzzle.

Hotel Anywhere specialises in making hotel reservations at discount rates for travellers who like to make their own arrangements rather than buy a package. Reservations can be confirmed instantly at more than 2,000 hotels worldwide, for leisure or business travel. It has full details of hundreds of the hotels and car hire. There are no booking fees or credit card charges and the company is fully bonded.

I was traumatised as a child by the disappearance from our TV screens of the Atom Ant and Secret Squirrel cartoon double-bill. Now you can relive your childhood and exorcise any similar ghosts by reminding yourself just how good those old shows were. A treasure trove of kids programming and theme tune lyrics await to guide you down memory lane.

Ian Simmons is a freelance illustrator who's taken to advertising himself and his portfolio online. Drop by and peruse his collection of cartoons, figures (arguably, the most impressive section), fantasy art, technical drawings and miscellaneous items. His pen is for hire.

Well, somebody had to do it ­ didn't they? I can remember the days when there were only three TV channels, we had coal delivered and milk arrived on the doorsteps in bottles. At this site, the world's most bizarre, "beautiful" and "sexy" milk bottles are on show and can be delivered, via email, fresh to your desktop every week. It's sites like this that make me wonder how we ever lived before the internet was invented. But then I'm odd.

This beautiful and well-designed site captures the haunting majesty of Britain's neolithic sites. Prehistoric monuments such as Stonehenge, Newgrange and Avebury have dominated the landscape of the British Isles for thousands of years. How might places like these have been experienced and understood by the people who built and used them? Find out here and listen to some of the strange harmonic sounds made at each site by the wind.