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If your office or home environment is constantly disrupted by squabbles about who's going to make the tea next, then the Determinator Decision Maker could have the answer. Two players enter their name and a forfeit ­ such as making the tea, washing up or doing the ironing ­ and then a Flash-animated game of paper, scissors, stone takes place. Three rounds, one winner, no more arguments. Sorted.

It can't be long before other discount retail outlets jump on to this clever bandwagon ­ auctioning end-of-line, damaged and display items at ridiculous prices. Eagle-eyed bargain-hunters can bid online for any of the selected products from Comet's extensive range of appliances. Bids start from £1, each auction lasts for seven days and can be accessed at any time day or night. All items are in full working order and come with a one-year Comet guarantee.

This is a free online service to help consumers and small businesses find the right lawyer to suit their needs, anywhere in the UK. It has a directory of more than 54,000 solicitors and law firms across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and Channel Islands. You can get advice on what to consider when selecting a lawyer, how to obtain the best advice and value, plus a helpful guide to areas of law practice and common legal terms.

Habbo Hotel is a chill-out space where you can hang out with your friends. Guests are represented in the hotel by a personal figure called a "Habbo". This virtual hotel is primarily for teens in the UK, but everyone is welcome. You'll need Shockwave to access the online community but Habbo Hotel isn't just about chatting. You actually walk or dance your way between bars, clubs, pubs and games halls, and if you want to speak to someone, you have to be standing near enough for them to hear you, unless you want to shout.

While the conspiracy theorists sleep in their beds, the liars of the world are at work. This website helpfully catalogues all the lies in the world into useful categories that include Lie of the Day, A Week of Lies, Database of Lies, Celebrity Liar and Guest Liar. You can, of course, submit your own tall tales and shock the world.

Gramophone Magazine has relaunched its website with massively improved functionality and many new features. Apparently, it's ranked as the world's number one classical music site by and includes the world's biggest classical CD and reviews database. There are five news channels and six feature channels, while users have access to the world's best classical music mini-lexicon in the form of the Grove Concise Dictionary.

Embark on a voyage of discovery around the solar system, and then take up the challenge of building your own life-supporting planet with the new online 3D adventure, Planet 10. This site is made up of two interactive sections ­ Solar System and World Builder ­ and is free to all wannabe masters of the universe. Armed with new-found facts and knowledge about the solar system, users can create their own planet and put it to the test.

Teachers keen to voice their own opinions, swap ideas with like-minded colleagues, or simply pep up their lesson content now have a community website with an independent voice championing their cause. Unlike other teaching websites, this one does not have an affiliation with any official teaching organisations. The most popular sections of the website are the specialist careers and legal advice sections where users can find information and help.

Based in Primrose Hill, London, this health and well-being studio is "dedicated to helping people lead healthier and more fulfilling lives and relieving stress by offering affordable, authentic and accessible yoga, pilates and treatments to everyone, everywhere." The treatment menu alone is impressive with its range of massages for injuries, destressing and health.

After death and divorce, moving home is ranked as one of the most stressful events in life. Using this site you can inform more than 700 organisations, including gas, water, electricity and telecommunications, the DSS, UK Passport Agency, DVLA and the Inland Revenue of your new address details.