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Where do ghosthunters hang out when they're not stalking ruins or seeking the paranormal? At Ghostvillage of course, which will be celebrating its third anniversary of bringing together ghost research, evidence, and discussion from around the world. Many ghostvillagers have had personal encounters with the supernatural so whether you're a ghost hunter, spirit photographer, or just interested in a "true" ghost story, this site has something to offer you.


The gloriously titled Energy Pimp website sells an array of pick-me-up products, although it's hard to judge whether it should be taken seriously or not. Assuming that the whole thing isn't a spoof (energy tonics such as Jolt and a hyper-caffeinated coffee called Shock do make one wonder), head on over if you enjoy food and drink with a kick. Here you'll find Warp Mints and Energy Gum, while Explosion Salami is a new, er, energy-salami containing guarana, ginseng and taurine. But of course.


This is a UK accommodation directory that's been up-and-running for less than a year, but already has more than 1,500 Bed and Breakfasts listed from across the country. Basic registration is free for B&B, guesthouse and hotel owners, and the site currently gets around 2,000 visitors a day looking for cheap or beautiful places to stay. Search by name, town, county or even postcode and you'll soon be in B&B hog heaven.


For men, purchasing sexy undies for your nearest and dearest is an experience like no other. However, you can now bypass the retail outlet embarrassment factor by shopping online. Women, treat yourself; men, purchase incredible lingerie for your partners. Offering a huge selection of all the best brands, from Gossard to La Perla, Fig Leaves makes buying for yourself and others easy, convenient and blush-free.

5 www.European

The European Connection, which has been published in book form for more than 10 years, has proved immensely successful in its three years on the internet. It's a not-for-profit exercise run because the owners think that small, privately owned hotels are wonderful and want more people to know about them. Because the guide puts users in direct touch with the hotels, there are no agents fees to pay at any point.


Have you written a great screenplay, but don't know what to do with it? Well, imagine opening your email inbox and finding multiple requests from movie producers and agents asking to read your script. Scriptblaster can make it happen. With direct email access to more than 650 film producers, agents and managers, getting results is simple. Just submit your proposal and they'll contact the appropriate industry professionals on your behalf – they'll even advise you on how best to pitch your movie idea.

7 www.pavement

Following in the fine tradition of websites that have catalogued pictures of matresses and shoes discarded in strange places, we now have this site, which pays homage to other curious objects people drop on the ground around the world. Take a picture of something odd that's been abandoned on the pavement and send it in, to join the already posted images of clothing, toys and household objects lost in unusual surroundings.


Diaries have always been regarded as intensely personal windows into a person's most intimate thoughts, and hence reading them has always been a taboo. Well, this online diary actively encourages people to submit extracts from their lives for others to read. You can view them by country, type or age and the site is currently home to nearly 4,200 diarists.

9 DMcKee63/dansite.html

Most of us had never heard of "GI Joe with the kung fu grip" until Eddie Murphy mentioned him in 1983's Trading Places, but the US equivalent of Action Man has a much longer history and a special place of affection in the hearts of children Stateside. This site, dedicated to the vintage 1964-69 period of the diminutive plastic combatant, contains just about everything the fanatic would need to know about the subject.


The site's aim would seem to be to provide ways of using up time, with its many pages dedicated to music videos, quizzes and anecdotes. Take part in the "which is worse" quiz, create your own band and make them play, read through the longest list of oxymoron's ever gathered online... Are you bored yet, or are you having fun?