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The Independent on Sunday: BP poised to give a boost to the dividend

The oil giant is expected to increase the dividend after a six-month suspension. Analysts expect BP to increase its quarterly payout by 1 cent to 8 cents a share when it announces its fourth-quarter results tomorrow. BP is forecast to reveal a pre-tax profit of $7.260bn (£4.6bn) for the fourth quarter of 2011, up 9 per cent on the same period a year earlier.

The Sunday Times: $10m bonus for Goldman co-head

Michael Sherwood, co-head of Goldman Sachs in London, has been awarded a bonus of $10m (£6.2m) for his work in 2011. The share award is larger than the $7m bonus for Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein. The investment bank's share price fell 44 per cent last year. Mr Sherwood's bonus is 34 per cent lower than last year. Mr Sherwood also takes a larger proportion of his bonus in shares than other employees because of the remuneration rules of the Financial Services Authority.

The Mail on Sunday: Shares face a collapse of up to 30 per cent

The UK stock market could slump by as much as 30 per cent if the eurozone debt crisis leads to a break-up of the single currency according to an analysis by financial IT group SunGard, which provides its economic modelling software to 200 investment firms, including hedge funds.

The Sunday Telegraph: Reckitt Benckiser to scrap regular reporting

The household cleaner firm is set to ditch quarterly reporting of profits, although it will continue to provide sales figures. The company makes various products such as Nurofen, AirWick and Cillit Bang. Rakesh Kapoor, the new chief executive, is also expected to announce that the company is shifting its emphasis from America and Europe, where consumers have cut back drastically on their spending, towards emerging markets.