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Independent on Sunday: Battle of the Savile Row Nutters heads back to court

Conservative Party vice chairman Alan Lewis is in court this week, disputing the use of the Savile Row tailoring brand Tommy Nutter. Mr Lewis, whose J&J Crombie brand produces a Tommy Nutter range, is appealing a legal decision that Nutters of Savile Row should also be allowed to use the name. Tommy Nutter clothing was popular in the Swinging Sixties, making suits for Mick Jagger and others.

The Sunday Times: Major Cabinet Office probe into Serco outsourcing contracts

The Cabinet Office is set to launch a major probe into Serco, the outsourcing company at the middle of a host of scandals including overcharging the taxpayer on prisoner tagging contracts and altering records on its prisoner transfer work. Procurement officer Bill Crothers is probing deals including ones at the Atomic Weapons Establishment, Child Maintenance and military projects.

The Mail on Sunday: Dyson to bring his business back from low-tax Malta

James Dyson looks set to repatriate his vacuum cleaners and gadgets business after shifting its ownership offshore to Malta four years ago. The move was seen as a way of reducing UK taxes although Mr Dyson did not comment at the time. Now, details in his financial accounts suggest the business will be repatriated back to the UK. Dyson had £1.2bn sales last year and made a £364m profit.

The Sunday Telegraph: Carbon tax too costly and must be scrapped, says industry

Tata Steel and BASF declared the green carbon tax was costing them too much and putting them at a competitive disadvantage. Meanwhile, the Government’s £100m compensation package for energy intensive businesses has been held up while the Government awaits EU approval. That leaves big firms facing energy hikes of 5 per cent today and 20 per cent from April 2015, BASF said.