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Independent on Sunday: Sellafield nuclear clean-up bill will soar by billions

The cost of  cleaning up Britain’s toxic nuclear sites has shot up by £6bn  with the Government and regulators accused of “incompetence” in their efforts to manage the country’s legacy of radioactive waste. The increase was highlighted in a report by the Office for BudgetResponsibility.

Sunday Times: Branson U-turn as new British airline to shut

Virgin is set to close its domestic airline just 18 months after it was launched with a promise to take on British Airways and cut fares. The shutdown of Little Red, as the service was dubbed, will be a humiliation for Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic’s founder, who launched the carrier in March last year.

Mail on Sunday: Dividend in doubt as BP faces £11bn oil spill fine

BP investors are concerned  that the oil giant will be forced to cut its dividend and reduce its share buyback programme after it was found to have been “grossly negligent” by a US court over the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010. The decision could mean a fine of up to £11bn.

Sunday Telegraph: Treasury and EU battle over bankers’ bonuses

The Treasury is to clash with the European Union in a last-ditch effort to overturn a draconian cap on bankers’ bonuses, arguing in Europe’s top court that rules limiting rewards are an unjustified intrusion. Government lawyers will today lay out objections to the rules.