Anyone can dial a discount scheme

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All people with a telephone at home can make big savings on their BT bills by taking advantage of discount schemes, many of which are free.

You can save 10 per cent on calls made to five nominated numbers under the Friends & Family scheme by dialling 150 and telling BT which numbers you want to pick. You can change the numbers as often as you like. The regular scheme, which is free, allows for one mobile number and one overseas. If you pay pounds 1 a quarter you can add five more overseas numbers.

For pounds 24 you can join Premierline, which gives you a 15 per cent discount on all direct-dialled local, regional, national and international calls and 5 per cent on calls to mobile phones. This can be combined with Friends & Family to get a 25 per cent discount on the five numbers you call most.

If your quarterly phone bill is less than about pounds 38 you should join BT's Light User Scheme. This gives you a rebate of up to 60 per cent, depending on how many calls you make. The Light User Scheme is free and is used by 3 million customers, but you have to register by calling BT on 150.