Bank's new line-up bold line of spacey

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The new management structure at SG Warburg:

Sir David Scholey, chairman and chief executive.

Brandon Gough, deputy chairman. A former chairman of Coopers & Lybrand, the UK's biggest firm of chartered accountants, Mr Gough joined Warburg as a non-executive director last year.

New executive committee:

Sir David Scholey.

Colin Buchan. Mr Buchan, a South African stocbroker, built Warburg's Hong Kong operation. He returned to Britain last year to head international equity sales.

Michael Sargent. Warburg's head of securities, originally with Ackroyd & Smithers, Mr Sargent has worked with Sir David Scholey for 10 years. He has been dubbed by some "the best trader in London".

Mark Nicholls. Mr Nicholls, the rising star of Warburg's corporate finance department, is a lawyer by training.

Edward Chandler. A corporate financier, Mr Chandler was Warburg's senior man in Australia until he returned to Britain four years ago. He helped to build the Nordic and Netherlands region.

Outside the executive committee:

Derek Higgs remains chairman of investment banking, and Nick Verey chairman of securities. Both will "represent the bank externally to clients".