Barclays staff may strike over pay package

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Barclays Bank could face a two-day strike by some of its employees protesting over a performance-related pay package which they argue could freeze the salaries of up to 25,000 staff.

Leaders of the Banking Insurance and Finance Union will decide over the next few days whether to sanction a stoppage by its 7,000 members at the bank after a 53 per cent vote in favour of a walkout.

Leaders of UNiFI, the majority union at Barclays are to seek further negotiations with management after its 30,000 members voted by two to one for action short of a strike. UNiFI members voted by 53 per cent to 47 per cent against a stoppage.

Jim Lowe, assistant secretary at BIFU, said the union wanted a "short, sharp" campaign that caused the least disruption to customers, but got the message over to management.

Barclays calculated that a majority of its workforce had not voted for a strike. A management spokesman said the bank was confident that any action would have a minimal impact on customers. "Should any industrial action take place we will do everything to minimise its impact on services," the spokesman said.