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IF YOU are a real car enthusiast, then a Porsche 911 is something that you really ought to drive, or at the very least own once in your motoring life. The design is timeless, although the handling borders on the suicidal in the hands of a novice.

Putting the engine in the rear might be questionable, but there is no escaping the stunning performance, or classic design. The trouble is that Porsche 911s can be frighteningly expensive. As a result, UK dealers are importing more left-hand-drive Porsches than ever.

Adrian Crawford (01752 840307) realises what fine value they are and has a 1984 Carrera in green which has covered 110,000 miles with a full service history. The price, at just pounds 12,495, means a saving of some pounds 4,000 on a right-hand-drive example.