Blue Arrow: Chronology of events

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June 1982 Tony Berry acquires 55 per cent of Blue Arrow

July 1984 Blue Arrow floated on USM at pounds 3.1m capitalisation

July 1986 Floated on the stock exchange at pounds 87m

March 1987 Mr Berry becomes director of Tottenham Hotspur and acquires shares

7 Sept Blue Arrow acquires Manpower for pounds 844m

Sept Mr Berry borrows pounds 7.7m to buy rights shares

Sept ADT acquires large stake in Blue Arrow

19 Oct Stock market crash

1 Nov Norman Tebbit appointed non-executive director

9 Nov 1988 Canvey project suggested at meeting between Mr Berry and Peter de Savary

11 Nov Mr de Savary presents Canvey project to Blue Arrow executives

30 Nov Canvey discussed at Blue Arrow board meeting, Mitchell Fromstein's Filofax notes discovered

2 Dec Letter of intent to proceed with Canvey sent to Mr de Savary

6 Dec Mr Fromstein is dismissed

7 Dec Minute from 2 December prepared, 'purportedly authorising' the Canvey transaction. Agreement signed

15 Dec Drawdown notice served on Blue Arrow seeking pounds 25m by 21 Dec

17 Dec Mr Berry meets Michael Ashcroft of ADT about a possible merger

19 Dec Unrelated inquiry into County NatWest's handling of the Blue Arrow rights issue announced

20 Dec Board meeting to consider Mr Berry's future

21/23 Dec Drawdown of pounds 25m Canvey loan

12 Jan 1989 Mr Berry and David Atkins resign executive roles, Mr Fromstein rejoins board and appointed chief executive

28 Feb Planning application submitted for Canvey

3 April Blue Arrow AGM: pounds 25m loan revealed, but not association with Canvey

4 April Mr Berry is removed as chairman and Mr Atkins as deputy

18 May Mr Berry and Mr Atkins resign as directors

19 May Shareholders' circular explaining events

26 May Inspectors' inquiry announced