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Broking service

THE Insurance Policy Trading Company of Godalming, Surrey, is offering a broking service to investors looking to buy or sell second-hand endowment policies.

IPTC offers would-be sellers a free valuation service and, where appropriate, negotiates with the issuing office to see if the terms of the policy can be amended. It also handles the legal aspects of assigning the policy.

Buyers can select from policies already on the books or specify the type they are looking for. The broker's margin, inclusive of costs, is typically 10 to 12 per cent of the valuation. For details, phone 0483 427575.

TSB says its new Tessa rate, at 7.25 per cent, is the best variable product available, beating all the national high-street banks and building societies. See local branches for details.

Tax helpline

THE independent financial adviser, De Havilland, is running a free year- end tax helpline, open until 10pm every day up to 5 April. Call 0171-431 4747 for details.

A SPRING special offer for borrowers has just been announced by Alliance & Leicester Building Society. Customers applying for any mortgage before 6 May receive a free valuation and free unemployment insurance for a year. Those taking out a discounted mortgage will receive a £400 "cashback" cheque. More information on 0500 959595.

Document store

STORESAFE is a new, secure document storage service for customers of the Nationwide Building Society. For £11.75 an envelope is provided that can store documents up to one inch thick. The cost of retrieving an envelope is £5.88.

READERS of the Independent on Sunday are being offered a free copy of Your Pension magazine, spring edition, courtesy of Friends Provident. To claim your free copy call 0800 178178, quoting reference YPE011.