Budget 2015: Everything you need to know from help-to-buy ISAs to beer duty cuts to Bitcoin

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Chancellor George Osborne might have promised no gimmicks or giveaways in his Budget speech, but there were definitely a few vote-spinning policy ideas.

Osborne's new policies increased the personal allowance, which increases the amount you can earn each year without paying tax, and introduced a help-to-buy ISA, which should offer first time buyers a new incentive from autumn onwards.

There was an emphasis on a regional recovery, with four new business regions that can keep 100 per cent of local business rates from shops and restaurants. New rail links between the South West and London should also ease the journey for some commuters.

Plus a three-year-running cut to beer duty – a sure vote winner -  but no bingo tax cut, after last year’s furore. The only mention of bingo was on The Independent’s buzzword game.

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