Bunhill: A free lecture with the lettuce

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Convincing proof reaches Bunhill from the United States that old economists never die; they just appear on paper bags.

Those who thought that at 80 Milton Friedman, that Nobel prize-winning right-wing scourge of socialist thinking, was a man whose time had come and gone will have to think again.

The author is back - and with a populist touch, thanks to the prosaically named US supermarket chain Cheaper.

It has recently reprinted (on all four sides) of its brown paper carrier bags an address by Mr Friedman called: 'Where are we headed?' (The answer seems to be 'down the drain'.)

Doubtless the house-spouses of California were mesmerised by the tirade against excessive government spending. It must make a change from other bags in the same series, including 'How to have a romantic dinner' and 'Here's what an expert says about table setting'.

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