Bunhill: Banking trend

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BRIAN PITMAN, the Lloyds Bank chief, is never happier than when ensconced in the gloomy banking parlours of EC2, proudly screening slides of his bank's impressive earnings record. So I was interested to see how he would fare in alien territory, the spotlit terrain of a glitzy fashion show. His bank sponsored the British Fashion Awards last week.

Pitman came up trumps, as the picture shows, gallantly lending a steadying hand to Naomi Campbell in her eight-inch heels, and happily hobnobbing with the likes of Sir Ralph Halpern, Bruce Oldfield, Vivienne Westwood and Ivana Trump.

Going backstage proved a bit of a shock for Big Bri, who attended the show with Barbara, his wife of 39 years. 'There are people back there with no clothes on,' he was heard confiding, wide-eyed, to a minder.

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