Bunhill: Bryan's manor

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THE TREASURY was a bit unfair about the Manor of Northstead last week. As I explained then, Bryan Gould has taken the Stewardship of the Manor as an 'office of profit under the Crown', in order to resign as an MP.

According to the Treasury, the manor fell down in the 17th century. What is didn't say was that since then it has been resurrected, courtesy of Scarborough Council. In the 1920s it was subjected to some municipal enterprise, renamed Northstead Manor Gardens and transformed into a pleasure park 'in a vaguely Japanese- Red Indian style' according to locals.

It comes complete with a lovers' walk, a boating lake, fairy lights and the impressive pagoda in the picture - with an organist ready to serenade holiday-makers.

Sounds decidedly more appealing than Mr Gould's previous bailiwick: Dagenham.

(Photograph omitted)