Bunhill: Designer wedding

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Two giants of the corporate-identity world recently decided to merge their own identities when Interbrand joined up with Newell and Sorrell.

And it appears to be a marriage of like-minded people: Interbrand is the consultancy which dreamt up the imaginative but seemingly obscure name "Zeneca" (a play on the word "Zenith") when ICI split itself in two, while Newell and Sorrell was responsible for the weird and wonderful "world images" which appear on British Airways' tailfins. So what wacky name have they devised for themselves as they undergo their own corporate makeover? "Interbrand Newell and Sorrell", that's what!

Now that's just creativity gone mad.

IF YOU want to know who's steaming ahead in the steaming metropolis, a good place to start might be the Official London Book of Lists, a guide to the capital's leading companies.

There are plenty of sections in this book - highlighting the rising stars in any field from architects to office cleaners - but the real nuggets are to be found under "Insurance". Here you will come across companies offering to cover you if your pet Boa Constrictor strangles someone, a key employee is kidnapped and held to ransom, or you're abducted by aliens. No mention, though, of a policy protecting you against charges of plagiarism from the country that brought us the cuckoo clock. An oversight, surely?