Bunhill: Dubious honours

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AS USUAL, Downing Street has got the New Year Honours hopelessly wrong. Yet again, they've rewarded the businessmen who have had a good year and are busy banking their Christmas bonuses - the very last people to need a new year pick-me-up.

Why not reward some of the casualties of last year? A few suggestions.

For Asil Nadir, a peerage, for services to exports (himself). Lord Nadir of Nicosia has rather a nice ring to it.

For Peter Rawlins, the former boss of the Stock Exchange, who oversaw the disastrous Taurus computer project, an MBE (Monumental Balls-up Engineered).

Jacques Attali, the former head of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, surely deserves the QSO (Quite Some Office).

I award Roger Levitt, the convicted fraudster who was given community service, the CH (Chokey? Hell no])

And of course Bill Rooney, the ousted boss of ailing Spring Ram, gets the Order of the Bathroom.