Bunhill: Eclectic

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JUST WHO is Kevin Cahill, author of those tedious and sometimes inaccurate rich lists (remember Paul Raymond being wealthier than the Duke of Westminster and Lord Sainsbury) that regularly grace Business Age magazine? In the week that the latest, 'Britain's paper millionaires', came out, a curious document reaches me. It is a prospectus seeking backers for 'Dado', an operetta produced by Mr Cahill. First aired in Dublin in 1987, Dado deals with such 'fundamental issues' as 'the two great forces in modern life, the state and religion'.

Mr Cahill, says the blurb, is a former professional soldier, educated at the New University of Ulster, whose 'subsequent conversion to non-violence led him to set up the Peace Study Group in Ulster and to campaign against militarism in all its forms.'

There is more: 'He has acted as Paddy Ashdown's research assistant in the House of Commons and continues to advise members of the House of Lords and the European Parliament on various issues.' What those are it does not say.