Bunhill: Eerie grant

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STEVE KANE, landlord of the Alma, off Brick Lane in the East End of London, was opening bubbly last week. He had just received an award from City Challenge, the body set up by Prince Charles to revitalise the inner cities. The grant was for pounds 12,500 . . . to go towards building a Jack the Ripper museum in the pub's garden. 'Annie Chapman, who was the second victim, was murdered just 200 yards away - she used the pub back then,' said Kane. Won't some people consider the project ghoulish? 'It's just a bit of street theatre, a bit of fun.' Other needy bodies such as nurseries and schools can console themselves that he has no ambitions to open a similar tribute to those other local villains, the Krays. 'They're still living, they still have family round here.' Silly me. Of course they do.