Bunhill: Flying low

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NOTHING illustrates Asil Nadir's fall from grace more than the plane he used to take him to Northern Cyprus last week. For what may be his last ever journey across international boundaries, the former Polly Peck tycoon, who used to jet around in a luxury Gulfstream 4 in his glory days, chose a 21-year-old Cessna Citation. The US-registered plane has had 15 different registered owners since it left Cessna's factory in 1972. Past owners include a British car dealer in San Francisco and an air charter company in Dallas rejoicing in the name of Million Air (groan).

According to official records, the current owner is a Delaware-registered company, Flamingo 500 Inc, which has held it since January 1991. True to form with Nadir, that is where the trail ends. Flamingo does not appear in the local phone book and nor does Michael G Marlin, the president of the company.