Bunhill: Happier faces at British Gas

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SPEAKING of Hezza, there are some happier faces round at British Gas's HQ on the Embankment, following his controversial decision not to break it up. But I hear a new appointment at Ofgas, the gas industry watchdog, may not augur well for the relieved gasmen.

Clare Spottiswoode, the director-general, has been beefing up her team and has alighted upon Eileen Marshall as chief economic adviser. She was previously director of regulation and business affairs at Offer, the electricity regulator.

The feisty Ms Marshall happens to be married to Professor Colin Robinson of Surrey University, who is an expert on the gas industry - and a fanatical believer in chopping up what he sees as a flagrant monopoly.

His wife certainly used to hold similar views: in 1985 the couple were invited to attend the Commons Select Committee on Energy to present their arguments for splitting up the gas industry.

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