Bunhill: Hello hello

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YOU'VE gazed at the glossy pics and read the gushing editorial. Now prepare to sitback and enjoy the wonderfully surreal world of Hello] magazine in your own living room.

Yorkshire TV is set to pilot a new society and entertainment show, provisionally entitled Highlife, beginning in three weeks. It will feature the kind of fawning celebrity chitchat the magazine has made its own.

The two main presenters will be Tania Bryer and Annabel Giles, who are already household names to people who watch telly at 11am. The gossip columnist Nigel Dempster is also billed to make an appearance, and John Rendall, social editor of Hello]

Something tells me this will not be a show that that flirts with controversy. Nevertheless, the London-based production company Sunset & Vine apparently feels the need to reassure potential guests that the spirit of Hello] will be upheld.

A letter sent to entertainment PRs burbles reassuringly: 'This show is not an expose programme and we would treat anyone/anything featured on the show with due respect.'

The guests may get respect; the English language does not. The writer wants to here (sic) from celebrities in the world's (sic) of music, film, television, art and publishing.

I predict great success for the programme, which will be shown in the Yorkshire, LWT and Meridian regions.