Bunhill: Hislop affront

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LUNCHTIME diners at the Villa Bianca restaurant in Hampstead last Monday were treated to some drama. Seated at a table were Ian Hislop, editor of Private Eye and Peter Cook, the comedian and the Eye's main shareholder.

Suddenly, a burly chap from another table marched over to Hislop, felt his lapels as he came quickly to his feet and left no doubt what he thought of the satirical organ's reportage. He left Hislop with his phone number, requesting that 'if you want to write about me again, check with me first'.

The beefy one was Anthony Schneider, money-lender extraordinaire and shareholder in Amber Day, the troubled retailing group. Both had been mentioned repeatedly in Hislop's journal leading up to the departure of Amber Day's boss Philip Green.

For once, it is Hislop rushing to consult m'learned friends. Even more unusually, the normally voluble Hislop is remaining tight-lipped.