Bunhill: Jeffrey steps out

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ARCHER fans rejoice] Our Jeffrey is returning to public life, and in the most flamboyant fashion imaginable.

On 7 November, the noble Lord will be conducting the auction at the Ball given by Prince Edward in his role as President of the Lords Taverners, most upmarket of charitable organisations. It sounds like a really spiffing evening: Byron Le and the Dragonaires 'will perform their world-famous Caribbean cabaret', and dance music will be provided by Lord Colwyn (any relation to screaming Lord Sutch?). Prince E will unveil the portrait of the three royal presidents (himself, Charles and their much-revered papa).

Prizes in the auction include a 10-day holiday in Zimbabwe and a 'pyramid' of Moet champagne - a sample of every size of bottle, from a quarter to a Nebuchadnezzar, which holds 20 bottles.

I'm sure the mejia will be on hand to inquire whether the winners include any friends or relations of our Jeffrey.