Bunhill: Rebounding Bill

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BILL DAVIS has bounced back to take over HHL, formerly Headway Home & Law, a largely unpublicised slice of Cap'n Bob's empire. The super- energetic Davis started his journalistic career when he was picked as City editor of the Evening Standard by the late Lord Beaverbrook at the age of 27.

He went on to be editor of Punch, chairman of the British Tourist Authority, and publisher of High Life, the British Airways in-flight magazine. Now he has emerged to head the group of contract magazines.

Davis sold High Life to MCC, and the story of HHL after that like something out of a wheeler dealer's handbook. When Maxwell went belly up, HHL was bought out of MCC. Davis left HHL after a boardroom row, taking High Life and other goodies with him. And now that he's back, he - and his publishing company - have been bought by Omnicom, the huge American advertising group. Which all goes to show that a journalistic training, especially under 'the Beaver' can lead to fame and fortune.