Bunhill: Road block

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LLOYDS BANK is in. Barclays is out. Cazenove is in. Smith New Court is out. NM Rothschild is in. JP Morgan is out. The Bank of England is in, naturally, but the Governor's nearby flat is out.

The security exclusion zone introduced in the City this weekend may protect the most central of financial institutions, like the Stock Exchange and Lloyd's of London, but it leaves many outside. All but eight roads into the City are being blocked off, and the remaining entry points will sometimes be manned by gun-toting policemen. Expect confusion and congestion tomorrow.

David Stevenson of surveyors DTZ Debenham Thorpe says the cordon may make office property inside more attractive. 'After the first two bombs, there is a feeling among our clients that there will be another bomb.'

The new fortifications may well fuel a new form of snobbery. As one City figure remarked: 'Having an address outside the cordon is almost as bad as having an 081 phone number.'